NanoPoblano, day 19

NanoPoblano………..does anyone else sing that word or is it just me?

I woke up this morning to a snuggly dog and a huge cup of coffee! What a terrific way to wake up.

I’m a bit sore from all the arranging of my kitchen that i did yesterday.  I was annoyed when a packet of flour (a very small one) fell over as I was reaching for something, started taking everything out of the cupboard and arranged it all so I could find things.  That was just the start though. By the time I was through every cabinet had been cleaned and organized.

George wandered in when I was half-way done and said “Oh my God, Suze…it looks like a real kitchen now”.

And I wondered…what exactly does a “real kitchen” look like?

I ended up with at least a peck of things to give away or sell at a yard sale.  Pots, pans, glassware, china I never use………….a couple of pressure cookers..a few plastic containers (not my tupperware…never that!).

I could practically furnish someone’s kitchen!

Then I got started on the dining room.

And I cleaned up and organized the office/craft room.  I managed to get all the paints sorted and organized that George normally leaves on top of his workbench into little drawers. All his decals are sorted and in a folder…all his books (he says they are for reference…I say they are for his internal hoarder) are on bookshelves. Now he can focus on building those tiny models he so adores.

As I look around the house today, I feel lighter somehow.  As if by getting rid of extra “stuff” has somehow made life easier. There’s still much to be done, but I can’t do any of it until George’s Christmas present of a shed arrives.

I ordered a huge shed (8×12 with two 4′ lofts) for the backyard with all the electrical built in, and entirely insulated. We will have to put up either sheet rock or paneling inside as the insulation will need to be covered, but in every other way it will be ready for all his “stuff”.

In early January all his modeling stuff gets a new home and I can rearrange things in my own particular way. Four bookshelves, a workbench, a file cabinet, two tables and his 423 boxes of models and paints will have a new home. Not to mention his swivel chair, a bar stool and a chair will all leave the house as well….and two folding tables he uses for painting. Oh, and a display case.  And seven hanging wall shelves.

I only have to wait.

In the meantime I have been making a detailed house plan drawn to scale of where all are “real” furniture will go.


3 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 19

  1. Well , that settles it. You and I could never live in the same house. I want my stuff scattered and disorganized so that I need to search every time for that tube of glue. How else will I know what I have if I don’t touch everything during a search? Jeez, Suze, are you drinking too much coffee? LOL, love ya


    1. I am pretty sure it was the root beer I drank. I should stick to sweet tea!


  2. I wish I could throw more things away as I pack up to move. But I keep thinking one of my daughters might want these things, and as they aren’t here to say yes or no, I just pack up a whole lot of things I don’t want. I guess I will end up throwing them after we move, when the girls come home for the holidays.


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