Preaching without the Word.

I rarely go to church anymore.  I separated myself from organized religion a long time ago, but every now and then a friend will ask me to join them on a Saturday or Sunday morning for worship…and I usually go.

I have attended almost every type of church that exists, from Coptic Christian to Southern Baptist..from Roman Catholic to Anglican. I have attended Mennonite services, Mormon services and even a few Lutheran services (yes, George is Lutheran…he IS German after all!).

I have attended both Mosques and Synagogues. I even attended a Druze service once while in Israel.

I think there are important lessons to be learned from each.

I have only once before walked out of a service…and that was when the preacher (back in 1969) was speaking about the “inherent differences between humans and Africans”. That, to me, was beyond the pale….and I said so..out loud… right before I left.

It has taken me almost 50 years to walk out of another church after being totally disgusted and ASHAMED of Christians. And, yes, I told them so before I left.  LOUDLY.

The preacher started off well, the music was pretty, the prayers were well-thought and on target…then the sermon began.

“WE all, as Good Christians, need to stand behind our President as he is battered by the far-left.  The people he supports should automatically receive our support.  And yes, that includes the gentleman from Alabama who is being flayed alive by the far-left fake media.  An accusation is not TRUTH.”

And that did it for me.

I stood….which gained everyone’s attention…the pastor motioned me to sit.  I stood and stared at him until he turned red.

Then I said “YOU, Sir, are no follower of Christ!  Jesus would never have approved of a sexual predator, and he would NOT approve of the words you just spoke. Jesus would NOT approve of a man that brags about sexually assaulting women, nor would he approve of a man who constantly lies. YOU should be ashamed of yourself! I am ashamed FOR you!”.

And I walked out.

And I wasn’t alone.  Several women walked out after me.

3 thoughts on “Preaching without the Word.

  1. Oh Lord, Suze, I am soooo proud of you. Wish I had been there. I too have a problem with organized religion, but have found a Lutheran church home which stays with the message of Jesus.


    1. well, I don’t think I will be allowed back in that church anytime soon…lol. i TRY to remain polite and lady-like as my gramma called it but sometimes I just get so angry….


  2. Me too Suze, I have no time for that kind of BS. They are not going to listen to anything but their brand of rabble-rousing and trouble making.


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