The map is filling up. What is WRONG with people?

Cyranny started this whole mess. She is intent upon collecting flags.  You know, the little flags for the countries where our readers hang out? yea, those flags. She posts every now and then about however many different flags she has collected, and the posts are amusing and enlightening.

Now (of course) I can’t have her out-do me in anything so I have made a few posts of my own. And people actually READ these!  Mine are not amusing and are definitily not educational. They are more blather than anything else.

WHY?  It’s just our babbling…what is wrong with you guys??

So, today (sirens blaring, trumpets trumpeting)..I discovered four NEW (not necessarily improved) flags in my map thingy.

They are:

Mauritius; Trinidad and Tobango; Jersey; Swaziland. (I think I like Swaziland the best as it sounds like Suziland, which is where my mind wanders).

Wow.  Three islands and a land-locked nation.

Here are their flags…well, except for Jersey which I figure is the same as the UK except it might not be and I should probably look it up……isn’t Jersey where jersey cows come from?  Would they have a cow on the flag?

ok, so I actually spent some time checking out Jersey, and no, their flag does not have a cow. I thought they were a part of the UK but it turns out that Jersey and Guernsey are Bailiwicks.  I LOVE that word: Bailiwick! Basically…there’s a Bailie……….with a Bailiff. not a protectorate or a state..but a BAILIE!  COOL! Sorry, I got all excited there with the Medieval terminologies.


7 thoughts on “The map is filling up. What is WRONG with people?

  1. Yay Suze!! Congrats on the new flags 🙂 🙂 🙂 I agree that Jersey should add at least one cow to their flag! I think a lot more people would pay attention to their little corner of the world if they did!

    Keep the flags coming! You know how much I love them!!! *hugs*


  2. YesirreeBob, Suze, I been to Jersey hunnerts of times. It’s just across the river from Philly. Tain’t nothing good ever comes outta Jersey. Love ya, Gabby


    1. except those cows! Have you seen their eyelashes? My gosh, ELSIE is a jersey cow! lol


    2. Sorry LPB. Nothing good comes from North Jersey. South Jersey should be its own state. Of course the biggest things to come from SJ are the mosquitos.


      1. okay, this made me laugh out loud!


  3. Congratulations on some more flags to add. 🙂


  4. I never heard of a chatzkee until I read one of your posts. You are educational and informative.

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