NanoPoblano, day 20

This morning I woke up feeling a bit hung over…oh not from booze, I gave that up long ago. But from a sleep that was non-restful.  I tossed and turned most of the night. Couldn’t get comfortable for some unknown reason, and finally (FINALLY) fell asleep about 2 am. It didn’t help that George failed to make coffee this morning…instead there was a sludge in the pot left over from yesterday.

I actually thought about just adding some water and heating it in the microwave….thank goodness I thought of something else before trying.

It’s cold this morning…and it looks as if Fall has finally arrived full-force.  All the leaves are changing so the town has a brilliantly coloured Autumn look to it.  Leaves are making piles in the front and side yards and I am left wondering if i should rake and bag them or just wait for the never-ending Oklahoma wind to blow them all away into someone else’s yard.

The neighbors are all busily decorating their homes for Christmas.  I wonder why people do it so early? By the time Christmas arrives aren’t they sick to death of all the lights and swags? I know I am.

Even though I haven’t celebrated Christmas for years (since the kids moved out) for some reason George always talks me into decorating.  Then I wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to do anything. I just don’t understand people who, like supermarkets and malls, decorate months before the event.

Growing up, Mother always decorated a week before Christmas and took everything down 3 days after the holiday.  I remember being allowed to put a few decorations on a tree then adding that horrid foil string to make it look as if it were covered in icicles. You never see that foil stuff anymore and I can only thank the Lord above that no one seems to sell it anymore. It was always a horror picking it all up off the floor or clearing it out of the vacuum cleaner roll.

I almost miss the days of cleaning up the floor after the tree was taken down.  I miss the sounds of excitement from my children on Christmas day.

I suppose it is just nostalgia.

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  1. Topic of the day at meeting was surviving the holidays as a sober person. It’s tough and I find my comfort in forgoing all the hullabaloo. I keep a quiet celebration with close friends and lots of good food.


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