NanoPoblano, day 22

Nano…nano Poblanoooooooooooooooooo……sorry, was channeling Ricky Ricardo or something for a minute….now that I think about it, it’s more like Barry Manilow.

Cheer Peppers

I admit it.  I LOVE the music of Barry Manilow. I know it isn’t the “thing to do” and people of my age group tend to deny it to a point of ridiculousness…but I absolutely LOVE his music..and that includes all the little songs he wrote for all those commercials on television.

If you have EVER sung the Dr. Pepper or State Farm songs, then YOU have sung songs written by Barry.

He wrote the band-aid jingle, the KFC jingle and the one for Pepsi. bet ya didn’t know that, huh?

But the songs I love are much longer and more heartfelt than those silly jingles.

Here’s my favorite.  And I freakin dare ya to say you don’t like this one.

6 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 22

  1. “Mandy” is the only Barry Manilow song I ever liked. Sorry!


    1. DUDE! Seriously? okay, tell me what you don’t like about the song I posted…


  2. don’t think I have ever heard this one!!!


  3. That is sooooooo beautiful, I love listening to Barry ‍♀️ Very relaxing


  4. That’s beautiful, Suze, made me homesick for Pennsylvania in October. Thanks


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