NanoPoblano, day 24

Cheer Peppers

Our governor did something right the other day.

This shouldn’t even be “news” to those of us living in Oklahoma, but Mary Fallon went against the Republican Party line and line item vetoed 90% of the tax bill. She is a die-hard conservative Republican, who in the past has put party before people. No one expected this year to be any different.

The state has given in to big Oil companies for the past five years when it comes to taxing them, and it has decimated the state budget.  This year, Mrs. Fallon did something no one expected.  She said NO.

She put teachers, children, the disabled and elderly ahead of her party and did the right thing. She saved programs.

She saved Medicaid.  She saved TANF (aid to dependent families, food stamps).  She saved every single free clinic in the state.  She saved Hospice funding.  She refused cuts to the educational system.

Mary Fallon put her people first, and I am exceedingly grateful.



4 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 24

  1. Suze, I’m not familiar with your governor but hopefully she can be the beacon of hope we all need during these times. Dare we believe she is the future?


  2. Such great news! It’s great to see people stand up and be counted.


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