NanoPoblano, day 25

Rarasaur put this challenge post once a day during November for those who aren’t trying to write a book. Thank goodness!

Last night my little town celebrated the holidays in their own wierd way.  The celebration is called Enid Lights Up The Plains…and boy howdy, do they ever try.

Hundreds of people showed up and lined the streets on the courthouse square waiting for the sun to set so we could get started. Food vendors made a fortune off chili dogs with the works, corn dogs, popcorn, sodas and hot chocolate. (no, I didn’t indulge). Toy vendors made a fortune off “light sabers”…I think more adults than children had those actually.

Angie and I spent a lovely hour talking to a lady from Kansas who was down visiting her elderly parents.  the octogenarians were quite happily fussing at each other and stomping their feet for emphasis.  Neither one actually heard anything the other said. They were adorable!

We had a parade, complete with puppies, horses, little girls twirling batons and a tractor lit up…….and I had a ball! After the parade fireworks were set off and filled the sky with brilliant light………of course I forgot to turn the camera back on so I don’t have any bad videos of them.

Hopefully, the videos I took (yes, me….and yes, they are awful) will finally download so you can see them.



2 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 25

  1. Pretty lights and parade! Looks like y’all had a lot of fun. 🙂


  2. No wonder you love Enid! It looks like a great community!


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