NanoPoblano, day 26 really bad fiction

well, drat. I did it again. Forgot all about the daily post for dang near a week.  I guess it is time again for A Short Totally Incomprehensible Story From Suze.  I’d like to blame it all on Rarasaur for thinking up this NanoPoblano challenge, but my sense of fair play won’t allow it.  It’s totally MY fault for ignoring the blog because I am having too much fun!

Sadie clutched her purse to her chest and she tried to catch her breath.  Did they know where she was?  Had she actually managed to get away?  Her heart raced from fear of being caught.

She thought back to her day.  Everything had been going right.  She found a crisp new twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk on her way to work.  She got a compliment from the new guy at work she had been drooling over for the past week. She’d always been the underdog when it came to good luck.

Everything had been wonderful until she was sent to the storage room for that new ink jet cartridge.  That’s when she found the nest.

She noticed a few sticks and some string from the old mop handle up on the high back shelf.  Curious, she moved the step ladder for a closer look.  Climbing up and grabbing a shelf for stability she must have made a noise, because suddenly those Gremlins had reared up their heads and hissed at her. She fell to the floor in shock, but quickly scrambled up and rushed from the room.

On the way from the room a bucket of leftover cleaning sludge was spilled and she slipped and slid her way down the hall.

She looked back once and saw gremlins flying everywhere and leaving bloody bodies in their wake.  Terrified, she headed for the stairway and ran faster than she ever had before.  Her life was on the line.

She heard the screams of those she passed on the sidewalk and put in a burst of speed, turning into the first alleyway, praying for escape.

She ran, but it was a dead end.  She turned and prayed. She knew it was almost over for her.  She was entirely at their mercy.

She dropped to her knees…………….and waited.


4 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 26 really bad fiction

  1. Good story, and yay! you got the DP words in there! 🙂


    1. i still don’t know where it came from….lol


  2. It’s a masterpiece. Literary magic! Tomorrow’s Robert Frost! Hey, so I’m not a recognized critic. I know good stuff when I see it.


  3. Ha ha! I read Sadie as Suze, and thought ‘well, she lived to tell the tale’. Then I scrolled back up and… oh no!


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