NanoPoblano, day 27

NanoPoblano, the brainchild of Rarasaur, is a challenge  for the November bloggers that do NOT want to write a book. This is day 27 out of 30.

Last night we put the Christmas lights up on the house. Well, in all honesty, WE didn’t…Lee from next door did it for us.

He grabbed a ladder and came over the instant he saw George and me wrestling with them in the front yard and started to put them up without anyone asking.  The neighbors here in Enid are just like that.  They don’t wait, they jump in and help out.

He climbed his 12 foot ladder, crawled onto the roof and stapled them up on the front soffet.

I offered to pay him for his time, and Lee said “can I have a jar of pickles?”  I gave him two.  Now, I ask you…how many of YOUR neighbors would work for a jar of pickles?

Last night the trains were running full out through town, stopping only to change cars and drop off huge boxcars not needed. The sounds they made changing cars were like a percussion instrument…deep kettle drums banging in a high school choir couldn’t sound so loud.

During the light installation, one train bumped so hard that I thought Lee had fallen off the roof and I rushed around to the side yard to make sure he was safe.  I thought the young man would fall off when he started laughing at me…but he stuck up there until everything was attached and tested.

Now, the lights are up, I only have one “chore’ to complete…I need to figure out how to knit on a knitting loom so George’s small present is completed before Christmas. I want to knit him a scarf and haven’t a clue how to go about it. It will probably end up a mass of knots that I can then blog about.

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  1. Your house lights and the tree looks so festive! 🙂


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