NanoPoblano, day 28 Bite me

Day 28…

Bite me. Oh, I don’t mean that anyone gets a free nibble….I was just thinking, “wouldn’t that be a great name for a fast food joint?” Can you imagine?  What would there be on the menu at a place called “Bite Me”?

I suppose we could have little cheese-filled jalapenos for a starter. I bet Rarasaur would like those.  Her site IS called CheerPeppers, after all.  Those starters would have the added benefit of biting back.

I guess there would have to be curries on the menu.  Those are some spicy foods, lemme tell ya. I once had a curry in Jerusalem at a little Indian Restaurant that nearly killed every taste bud I owned for a good four days.

3 alarm chili would be a good choice I suppose…as wood hot wings.  I hate hot wings, so I would never order those. I don’t understand why people DO order them actually.  There’s no real meat on a chicken wing, and the spices are disgusting…I suppose there is no accounting for taste.

Back to the Indian stuff……I can think of more hot and spicy meals in that category.  There’s chicken vindaloo vesuvius….which is named after a volcano that is only marginally as hot.  There’s Phaal Curry. It’s not everyday that the cooks wear gas masks, but I will bet they do when cooking this dish.  Just getting close to it makes your nose hairs melt; but the hottest of all is Bhut Jolokia. The Indian government has used the chilis in this dish as an anti-terrorism weapon.

I suppose there are other spicy foods that would be served in Bite Me…but I am suffering from residual taste bud pain from the memories of that curry ten years ago and need to find something to regrow nose hairs.

6 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 28 Bite me

  1. I’m sorry, but I’d have to avoid dining at Bite Me. I’m not a fan of curry and I have little tolerance for hot, spicy foods. They give me hot flashes…and I’m a male! I’m not supposed to get hot flashes!


    1. you could just start a males only hot flash club???? lol


  2. I’m with fandango. What’s the point in burning out your taste buds so that the rest of the meal has no taste, just pain?


    1. i dunno. I tired everything i could lay my hands on while overseas…You are just lucky i didn’t throw in the hot isreali stuff!


  3. I think a restaurant with that title might serve dishes such as mosquito soufflé, alligator l’orange, or maybe snake skin snacks? J S


    1. OH GROSS!!! I need to add those to the menu now. lol


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