a week of prompts

Once again, I have completely failed to provide any sort of post for the daily prompts that WP so graciously gives to encourage our brains to work……….. here’s the list of what I forgot:

Knit  Bite  One-Way  Snippet  Zoo  Sparkle

Let’s just see if once more I can come up with some sort of post that uses all the words.

She was waiting for the phone call.  She knew it would come today, but how she knew that was anyone’s guess.  Maybe she had overheard a snippet of conversation that had implanted the idea in her brain…maybe it was just a sort of precognition on her part…but she KNEW.

She needed something to keep her hands busy yet keep her mind sharp and on the upcoming challenge.  She grabbed a ball of yarn and began to knit…it didn’t matter at the moment what the end result would be..it was just busywork after all.

She jumped when the phone rang setting her nerves on edge. Throwing down the yarn she grabbed the phone and said “Sparkle“, the code word  was given and she listened.

“Drive until you see the One-Way sign, then turn” a disembodied voice stated.  “Make sure no one follows you. Go 2 miles then turn right into the Zoo lot.  Take the keys out of the car and walk to the standing rock. Wait there”.

She followed his instructions and waited at the chosen place for almost twenty minutes before her contact appeared.  He was carrying a small pet carrier.  He was close enough to touch but she remained still.  After all this time she was about to get what she deserved.

“no more waiting” she thought…”No more having to deny myself”.

The man gave a faltering grin and said “watch out when you take it out. it will BITE“.

She handed over a fat envelope and the contact opened it to count the money. He grinned at her and with satisfaction and glee dripping from his voice said “You are under arrest”.


5 thoughts on “a week of prompts

  1. Nicely done. Playing “catch up” can be fun.


  2. I kind of like catching up this way. Maybe it will, be my new way of blogging yet completing all the work i have to do at home! lol


  3. I like it. There’s a theme developing that could lead to literary greatness.


  4. I’ve been sick and not had the energy to do anything this week. I like this idea.


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