out of order and without a maintenance man

I will probably be out of pocket for the next six or seven days…..I woke up feeling a bit “off”. Nothing really bad, just not normal.

Well, after a morning spent praying to the porcelain god I am pretty sure I have the flu.

Racing heart, shivers, low grade fever, sweats, nausea ad infinitum…..you get the drift.

So, I’m off to crawl into my bed, fuzzy socks on my feet, kleenix and ginger ale on the nightstand, my kindle (can’t miss any of Aidan J Reid‘s new offerings ya know) and wondering why I ever bother getting that dratted flu shot each year if I am only going to get the flu?


6 thoughts on “out of order and without a maintenance man

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear you’re ailing. Not fun at all. Take care of yourself, and feel better really soon.


  2. Sorry, you’re ill. Looking on the bright side, you’ll be better for Christmas. Garlic soup and chicken around your neck….or is it garlic around your neck and chicken soup? That would explain the weird comments from folks. “Love your chicken necklace and is that the new garlic cologne?” Sorry, Suze, I have nothing to make you feel better except a hug and a kiss.


  3. Awww, feel better dear Suze. I get the flu shot every year. Maybe the flu is shortened at least, by having the shot. Tea and Sympathy for you.


  4. Get well soon, dear Suze!


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