screw the patina, I want young skin again

Why is it that getting older means things have to stop working? I mean, I expect batteries to run down and stop working as they age, but how come my blasted knees have to break down?  It isn’t like I am walking on my knees all day…..they are where they are supposed to be in the middle of my legs when I walk. My feet aren’t breaking down.  It makes no blasted sense!

Other stuff gets a lovely patina…not me though. Instead I get wrinkles.  That hardly seems fair.

I actually wouldn’t mind a patina…it would look so much better than the danged age spots I seem to be developing. I used to have lovely skin.  It was a lovely bronzey color each summer, and a peach tone every winter.  Girls in my school were actually envious of my skin.

Now? Only a Cheetah would think “oh Suze’s skin looks good”.

And other things go wrong as we age…things tend to relocate. Oh, they don’t move out of state until well past 85, but by 60…lemme tell ya, everything you need up north has migrated in a southerly direction and over several states.  I HATE searching for body parts that I used to see easily….like toes.

Granted I never had cute toes…but I could at least see them. Now I need a drone to search them out.

Not only toes…..brains seem to migrate.  Oh I know mine is still somewhere in my head but there are days when it feels like the brain has gone on a vacation without an emergency phone number left behind.

I was trying to tell a story about a silly event and a word just disappeared before my tongue could get it out.  I stood there stuttering for a minute then realized I had no earthly idea what I had been talking about.

I am on tenterhooks wondering what the next thing to go will be.  Heck, with my luck it will be my sense of humor…which is the ONLY thing that keeps me from killing someone daily.

I am pretty darned sure I know why there are so many grumpy old people now…they aged out of their ability to find the humor in the stupid stuff…and they lost their toes.



10 thoughts on “screw the patina, I want young skin again

  1. I know and I have at least fifteen years on you! Body parts seek a southerly direction, why exactly is that? God must be a man, and it’s the ultimate cosmic joke on women. At least men’s parts are “down under” originally!


    1. the funny thing is, those manly parts don’t drop down any further…they all seem to head north! lol


  2. LOL Ageing is NOT for wusses!!! 🙂


  3. Awesome post! My knees are shot to oblivion too, and they hurt like hell on days when it is cold and damp. Aging sucks!!


    1. but it really is so much better than the alternative! lol


  4. Welcome to the ‘golden years’. Only requirement for membership are worn out body parts and an AARP card.


    1. well then, I’m set! that and a golden corral nearby for those 4 pm dinner specials! lol


  5. It’s being so cheerful that keeps us all going ‍♀️


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