Angie has told me and TOLD me……..

to Never Ever even THINK about quilting with knits.  Now, I know a bunch of people who own knitted quilts are going to groan or fuss, but even I have to admit that 1960’s and early 70’s double knits are basically disgusting materials……except

I have been finding really cool retro print double knit materials in great shape at yard sales for a fricking year now.  And I also found at a craft shop some pretty solid color double knits…and even found some at (of all places) the Salvation Army store.

So…after hiding this thing from my dearest and closest friend for going on six months, it is time to unveil it, stuff and back it.


So, Angie…I’m not even sorry I failed to follow your advice. I will admit that it was a total and complete pain in the patootie to sew this crap material, but it looks so cool I made a few allowances for that. (Little quilting pun there….allowances…get it?)

Now all I need is a lavender king sized sheet to make the backing…and some more fuzzy stuff for the middle. And yes, Angie, I DO know I shouldn’t back it with a cotton sheet…but no one makes a double knit sheet so I really don’t see there’s much of a choice here.

4 thoughts on “Angie has told me and TOLD me……..

  1. Lordy, Suze. My Grandma would be proud of you. They are pretty.


  2. Very pretty! I still have the double knit quilt my granny made for us when we got married in 1969!


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