well, I did it again….

Yep. I did. I failed to write a daily post post for yet another five day period of time. Now I am stuck wondering if I should try to shove these five totally unrelated words together into a post or just totally forget the whole thing…I could always just start over tomorrow….

so here are the words…I couldn’t have picked worse words if I tried!

Elegance  Varnish  Degree  Gorge  Jolly


Jolly George sprayed a layer of varnish

on a model that Suze wished would just tarnish.

the degree of Elegance awaited

his painting abated

Suze’ gorge rose to full-fledged alarmist.


Okay, so that….well, frankly? That sucked. But I suppose it is better than absolute bupkis which is what I began this with….sigh

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