We were given a brain for a reason

I often come across people who deny in toto the theory of evolution for some quasi-scientific religious theory.  I think perhaps what they fail to grasp is the term “theory”, and feel compelled to deny anything that shakes their faith.

There is a sort of knee-jerk reaction…a mandate to deny anything that could possibly take away some of the validity of their religious positions.

Personally, I think their faith is lacking if they have to deny something in order to protect their beliefs.

A theory is an idea…a proposition….a way of explaining something to be tested until proven.  It is something with a beginning and a middle but no end in sight. It isn’t gospel, it isn’t proven.  So what’s the big deal, people?  Why do the evangelicals and far right religious groups have such an aversion to evolution?

They simply do not wish to think of humanity as coming from “apes”.  It lowers them in their own tiny minds to something less than magnificent.

A relative of mine was raving on about the Creation Museum recently and was astounded at the “truth” shown there.  He said, for example, that “evolution is a bunch of hooey. There were dinosaurs living at the same time as humans and they showed it!”.  And I thought “this is what that church school education did to you, poor thing”.

I said, “but Carl…dinosaurs were thousands of years BEFORE humans evolved”…at which point my cousin went absolutely bonkers and started screaming I was going to Hell because I believed that false teaching”.  He said “dinosaurs did so live with humans. Where do you think dragons came from? They were dinosaurs!”

I have to admit I snorted trying not to laugh at that point.

I don’t mean to denigrate believers…well, beliefs….but. Some things are just too easy, and to me, this is one of them.  I have absolutely no problem saying I believe that Darwin’s theory is easier to believe than the creationist’s beliefs.

I have no problem reading the Bible as a history book, a book of mythology and a book of poetry as well as a religious guide to life.

But, I have a huge problem with closing off my mind to the possibility that God, or whatever we wish to call him/her wants me to believe a book written by humans without thought.

We were given a brain for a reason.  I’ll cease with a quote from my GGGGGrandfather……….


9 thoughts on “We were given a brain for a reason

  1. I am going to write my post in response to this prompt along a similar vein. It really irritates me when people refer to evolution as “just a theory.”


  2. Really? Paine was your GGGGGrandfather? Let’s hope some voters in Alabama read your post today before voting. When you pray, ask God to slap some common sense into their silly asses and wash their brains out with soap water, rinse and repeat.


    1. yes he was. Maiden name is Paine, and I am danged proud of it. I inherited a Common Sense booklet. I am pretty sure I know where my tendency towards sarcasm and righteous indignation came from! lol


      1. WOW, I now know somebody who came from someone famous…..and I thought your sarcasm and righteous indignation was just a gender thing. LOL


      2. roflmao…………a gender thing? Gawd, I adore you!


  3. Suze, did you mean we’re actually supposed to USE our brains? What a radical idea. Your GGGGGrandfather would be proud!


  4. Great comments. Great post!


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