Wednesday music: Bartoc

Fluent Historian is the one who started all this music stuff, so blame them and not me for filling your feed with classical music.

This week Bartoc just floated into my brain. I am really not sure why either.  I don’t particularly remember much music of his I was forced to learn as a small child seated at that huge piano.  I certainly don’t remember LIKING practicing his music.

It is a puzzlement………..

Maybe it is because this Hungarian composer had the first name Bella…and I have always associated that name with a woman.  Or it could just be because he IS Hungarian and in one of my favorite movies (My Fair Lady)  Audrey Hepburn’s character is sworn to be an Hungarian princess which made the professor (Rex Harrison) guffawed!

I love the word Guffawed….don’t you?  Where was I?

Oh, yeah…Bella Bartoc, the Hungarian composer, was born in 1881….the same year my grandmother was born.  Yea, isn’t it strange the oddball connections our brains make? I am pretty sure he was influenced by Claude Debussy’s music as there are certain characteristics to his compositions that remind me strongly of Debussy’s work.  I could be wrong, but somehow think I am not. In any event, here’s my favorite piece by Bella Bartoc.  Enjoy (and be very glad YOU don’t have to practice this piece on a too big piano!)

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  1. Love that old English actor who spoke first.


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