what inheritance??

My children hopefully know better than to expect an inheritance when I die.  I don’t actually have anything worth passing on…except the idiocy of my writings and a beloved stuffed elephant.

When my own parents died, I was the executor of their estate.  it became a chore I wouldn’t wish on anyone I loved over the next year.  I was constantly bombarded by phone calls, emails and letters from my siblings wondering when they were going to get some money.

It made me frustrated and angry having to deal with it all. Luckily, I didn’t have to go through the courts unless I chose to do so.  After the first month of constant calls I decided to use the courts. I’d rather the sibs get upset with the county than me any day.

Eventually everyone was handed a check and they went off on their separate ways…and I was left feeling bereft.

So when I go, the stuff I leave behind with very few exceptions will be given away to various charities.

I’ve already given anything of real value to the boys in the hopes that they don’t turn on each other upon my demise.

In the meantime I will continue on as before, spending what little we have on our own enjoyment until we no longer can….and the kids? Well, we have a special goodbye wave just for them.


1 thought on “what inheritance??

  1. I went through similar stuff when my mom died. Dad was in no shape to handle anything and I was the most “noisy, opinionated” of the four sisterrs and a decision maker. Otherwise we’d all still be debating fiporty years later. I hate indecision, even if I don’t agree with the end result, I can’t stand wishywashy. I help where I can in the present. I have nice insurance policies for each kid when I leave this dimension, so I’m covered.


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