Dear Santa:

I watched a child next door write her annual letter to Santa..telling him all the things she wanted him to bring.  A new Barbie. A Glamour Girl dress-up set. A puppy.  Oh, and 47 dollars so she would have enough to buy a new phone.

She’s eight.  A new phone?

The world has changed so much…kids are so materialistic. Oh I am sure kids have always been materialistic, but didn’t it used to be balanced by our compassion for others and their needs?

I remember spending ten dollars on presents for other people and being so very happy doing so. It meant more than whatever I was getting.

Do kids even do that anymore? I don’t have any little kids in my life so I honestly don’t know. When I asked her what she was getting for her parents she said “nothing. They’re supposed to get stuff for me”.

Is that really what kids think now?

I came home and thought about her and what i saw as…well….greed. And I thought, “OK, I am writing a letter to Santa myself”


Dear Santa:

This year I would like a few things.  The list is as follows:

  1. I want you to make everyone feel as if they have “enough”.
  2. For people to think of others before themselves.
  3. For everyone to have a job where they feel fulfilled and happy.
  4. For every child to feel loved and accepted.
  5. For everyone to accept that even though our skin tones may be lighter or darker, we all share the same blood and are brothers or sisters.
  6. For our leaders to use common sense and make laws that benefit everyone.
  7. For everyone to have enough food, enough clothing, enough shelter.
  8. For everyone to understand that EVERY religion is valid for those who believe and No religion at all is completely acceptable.
  9. That men and women are equal in value.

I could probably list more, Santa, but I think this is a big enough list. I will understand if you can’t fulfill all my requests, and if you have to choose only ONE of them, please choose wisely.





6 thoughts on “Dear Santa:

  1. I don’t think it is, my son is very busy deciding what to get for his dad. So far its all stuff he would like but its the thought that counts. I assume his dad is having the same conversation about my present as me. No monkey mummy wouldn’t like star wars lego


    1. thank you for renewing my failth in the compassion of kids. the little one next door seriously dented it!


      1. Not at all, I do think a lot of kids are very entitled (mine including) now a days, however with my one, he doesn’t understand I don’t have a magic money tree in my back garden, as he gets older and understands money a bit better hopefully that will change


  2. That’s a very reasonable list, Suze…. I think Santa should be able to please you. Except #6, I don’t think he can do anything about #6 this year. Maybe next Christmas, if you’ve been a good girl? Wait, that’s not going to happen 😛 LOL

    *warm hugs from Freeekin’FullblastFreezingland*


    1. yea…number 6 is a biggie


      1. But I hope Santa goes the extra mile for you…. Maybe if we all asked for that? 🙂


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