bad limericks

There was a ballplayer so eager

to increase a statistic so meager   

He cheated by drugging

teammates began mugging

this moronic intriguer…………… 

I know, I know….but SOMETHING had to be posted on the daily prompter’s prompt….and in my defense (OK, I know already there is no defense for awful limericks) I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

Today was my first day as the “short bus driver” for my adopted grand daughter. That what she calls me anyway………not that I am short (I am but that is besides the point) but the BUS is short. Except it isn’t actually a bus, but a truck.  Maybe I should just start over and try to write something intelligent………

except I doubt I can this morning.  Can anyone else tell I really have nothing for the daily post?

I was told last night by my adored hubster that I was volunteered to cook for his office party next week.  Yep….he, knowing me since the age of ten…knowing that I HATE being volunteered for stuff……….VOLUNTEERED me to cook.

Now, I LIKE to cook.  I just don’t like being told I have to do so…or being told WHAT to cook. So, the office is going to get TWO things that i cook…one that George TOLD me to make and one I want to make.  Yes, I realize that will be twice the work, but I honestly don’t care…I have to prove a point to the hubby here….and NO, don’t ask me what the point is as I am not quite sure I know what it is…but I am going to prove it anyway.

6 thoughts on “bad limericks

  1. Well, maybe by the time of the office party you will know what the point is. Until then, thinking about it is pointless…..get my point?


    1. ohhhhhh a pointless point about being pointless! What were the odds of that EVER happening? lol


      1. great minds think alike….now if only we could find a few great minds. In the meanwhile let’s just be mindful when minding the minds which we do have.


      2. okay…I can’t stop laughing now!


      3. Oh no, please don’t wet yourself.


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