First Macedonia visitor!

Now…just where exactly IS Macedonia?  I remember reading about it during my world history class way back when, and I think (I hope) that it is somewhere around Georgie Moon‘s hangouts in Greece.  I can see i shall have to look it up…………….sigh………Be right back!

Well, that pretty much answered nothing. It seems Macedonia was Greece but it was called Macedonia now it is Macedonia and NOT Greece.

WHAT? No wonder Georgie finds the area so fascinating she and her hubby sail around there every summer!

It was Greece, but not, now it isn’t but it is?  Doesn’t that sound just a bit….fishy?

I mean, they can’t even make up their minds on the map….is it or isn’t it IN Greece? or OF GREECE?

And I thought Texas was bad! That dotted line? well Wiki says that is Macedonian territory, yet the boundaries are different…so are they trying to take over Greece? Why doesn’t Albania and Bulgaria have any argument where Macedonia is?  It seems Macedonia wants their lands as well.

Now, I am left wondering, with Macedonia’s desire to take over neighboring countries, if only map-wise, what do their bloggers want?  Are they visiting to see if they can take over other blogs? Well, they can’t have mine! I work too hard trying to remain semi-normal enough to blather semi-intelligently..and too much effort has been wasted for them to take over and make it better!

I looked further into their background to see what sort of army they have and if I can hold them off the blog.  George said he had a model he had finished of their army and did I want to take a picture.

Well………so long as the army still looks the same, I figure I have a darned good chance of saving my blog from any Macedonian takeover!



9 thoughts on “First Macedonia visitor!

  1. Alexander the Great was from Macedonia.


  2. It’s kinda like Constantinople. Ehh?


    1. OKAY! Now I can’t get Bette Midler’s song out of my head…istanbul…constantinople……….sigh


  3. Well, you may be safe from a Macedonia takeover but look out for the Lichtenstein takeover. (Sounds like kinky German sex)


    1. Lichtenstein is after my BLOG? OMG! And did you REALLY have to write what I was thinking when I first saw that word? seriously? HOW do you know me so well? Dag nab it…now I have kinky German sex on my mind! lol


      1. Whips, chains, leather, instruments of torture….yep, it’s all in Lichtenstein.


      2. well, it is sounding more and more like I want them to try and take over the blog! roflmao


  4. You should be safe. Their army looks like it is only 2 or 3 inches tall.


    1. But those spears look awfully sharp and my ankles are aged and delicate….well, aged at any rate.


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