Finding bliss in Fort Bliss

I know this wasn’t at all what the daily prompter was thinking of when Ben wrote “bliss” as the daily prompter’s prompt. But this is what I got, so it is what YOU get!

George was the first volunteer for Desert Storm back in 1990.  He had been Army Reserve for four years and about to go on inactive reserve when the President called for people to come back into service.

We had just purchased our first home in Virginia and he was working at a local hospital. I was in college full-time, working full-time and raising our two heathens. He took a pay cut that nearly decimated our savings by doing so…but once in the service, always in the service I suppose.

After Desert Storm he was kept by the Army Nurse Corp and placed on full-time active duty for the next four years….with a promise of school for cardiac intensive care certification BUT it came with a change of station.  It was SUPPOSED to be a temporary change…it was in actuality a permanent change of station…to Ft Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

Of course no one told us until he arrived at Ft Bliss for his nine-week course. After a frantic phone call, I put the house back on the market, withdrew from college (Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Va), withdrew the children from their school and moved to El Paso.

Can we all just say culture shock and get it over with?

I was raised in a small town on the east coast..a suburb of Washington DC………….here I was “a delicate flower of southern womanhood” (according to my grandmother Edna) arriving in a desert city where Spanish was the first language and road runners and coyotes were running around.

Signs were in both Spanish and English and I had never seen such a thing. Mexico was across the street instead of across the world.

I fell in love with the place. George hated being there the entire four years. The only thing I hated was being unable to find a job because I spoke zero Spanish.

I spent my time home schooling the kids and wandering around the desert and post.

2 thoughts on “Finding bliss in Fort Bliss

  1. Been through El Paso hundreds of times….never found anything to like. Bless you for having special insight.


  2. Culture shock uh huh, I know that feeling


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