Lichtenstein is after my blog!

I have it on good authority (Larry said so) that an invasion is in the final planning stage for a take over of Suziland! This can not happen! I don’t speak German at all…well I know what leibchen means..sort of. George calls me that a lot…and it’s always with a really sweet voice so I just assume it is a nice thing. He also says Mein Gott Suze! a heck of a lot, but I tend to ignore those yells.

How can I possibly allow Lichtenstein to take over my blog?  I don’t have a decent translation program and I have a feeling the Lichtensteinians would just yell Mein Gott a lot and make me cook in a dungeon or something.

They do have a cool looking castle though. Here….see? Isn’t this cool looking?

It’s all mid-evally and I bet it has a dungeon. I don’t look good in dungeons………something about all the whips and chains hanging from the walls just creep me out.

I am thinking about hiring those little tiny Macedonians to come protect the blog…..they do have such pointy spears. Maybe if George makes a few more of those tiny models I can line them up on the front porch and the Lichtensteinians will shy away in absolute horror of an assault.

Okay, I can hear Cyranny snickering at me.  She, in her flag quest, has abdicated all ally status with Suziland and the Cove is in party mode instead of protect her buddies mode.  Larry is busy thinking about German torture devices and classical music…………he’s no help.

I bet Bitter Ben is even being bitter about ANYTHING but the imminent invasion.

Barbara is just hanging out reading Elaine‘s and Cheryl‘s blogs and not thinking about defense at all, so she is no help.

I KNOW!  I’ll hire Biff Sock POW!!!!!!!!!! to protect Suziland! he’s got nothing much better to do down in Tejas….I wonder if he takes tacos as payment?


9 thoughts on “Lichtenstein is after my blog!

  1. Lol, I did not know George was a religious man “ saying “ Mien Gott”


    1. it’s RELIGIOUS? He makes it sound like I am in deep deep trouble! lol


  2. The castle does look really cool, and mid-evally. I imagine it has a moat with hungry alligators skulking in the waters below. You ever built it might be a distant relative of Vincent Price who yes, would invite a visitor to the dungeon. But stay away!

    I hope no one takes over your blog. It’s a dandy, and people from Lichtenstein probably have no clue what that is. Besides, it doesn’t have a moat!


    1. oh, good point. I need a moat. I actually have two alligators I could stick in there. One is a blow up floaty for my next door neighbor’s little one…the other is a garden accessory……


      1. Liechtenstein ( I erroneously misspelled it) doesn’t have alligators, real or blow-up. But they do have edelweiss and Julie Andrews……”the hills are alive”….


      2. I don’t think the Lichtensteinians care how we spell it so long as they can invade us successfully!


  3. LOL 🙂 No war with Lichtenstein – Give Peace a Chance ,as John Lennon sang. And, as James Taylor sang, You’ve Got a Friend. So, even though I’m a pacifist, I’ll come to your defense if all else fails. Can’t have Suziland taken over!!


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