pressed posts are no posts at all

okay….it’s not my fault. Well, okay it IS my fault, but not totally so not really.  I was just a teensy tiny bit jealous that another un-named blogger (Its good to be crazy sometimes) was pressing away sharing all kinds of posts about all kinds of things…so (of course) I wanted to do the same.


this pressing business is much like ironing.  You have to be able to bear the heat of frustration in order to press out any wrinkles.

I stink at ironing.

I had to download a midget or a button or a thingy……..YOU know what I mean…that thing that lets people iron via the interweb instead of a horrible ironing board. I finally got that silly thing installed, and tried pressing a blog post that was really cool and all about glasses and nearsightedness and other cook and not creepy stuff….

and I had to do a copy and paste thing somewhere but the midget press thingy failed to give directions on how to do so.

(don’t you LOVE my use of puter technical terminology?)

So, the article didn’t show up and there went a perfectly good interweb space with nothing but a title.

I am formally GIVING UP. I obviously have not even an iota of an idea of how to iron stuff off the webosphere, and since I hate ironing anyway….I am going back to sharing instead.

After all, I learned how to share when I was a tiny tot. I have that down pat.

6 thoughts on “pressed posts are no posts at all

  1. I was so hoping someone had figured it out!


    1. well I certainly haven’t! lol


  2. Gosh, is anyone else out there totally discombobulated?


    1. Cyranny probably is…let’s go ask her!


  3. If it helps, I often reblog, I only really press it over the weekend, when I can schedule them. I shall try and find the article that helped me


    1. I doubt that an article will be assistive…my brain is discombobulated with rational discussion and or directions….ask Larry.


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