The Platypus dimension: reblog from *-5-15

I adore animals……………..I have had pets own me for going on 55 years now and several of them stick out in my mind as being the most wonderful critters ever to grace the planet………..of course there are others that were demonic and devious too…………

My first pet (of my very own and not shared with my stupid big brother) was a kitten named Charlie..morris radio….of course my baby brother was also named Charlie and mom and dad had a spazz attack when I named the cat, but that is totally beside the point.  Charlie was a little orange tabby cat………..he clawed up Mom’s new sofa and got in trouble…he climbed the curtains and once more trouble ensued………….he was allowed to stay in the house until he started spraying the walls, then Mom got rid of him. One day i was off to school (second grade) and when I came home Charlie was gone (the cat not my brother)……………….I didn’t find out for years that Mom had taken Charlie to the vets for “disposal”.


My next pet was a full-grown Irish Setter named ginger……she would take me for drags down the sidewalk……..I ripped up more pants taking her out each day and when I broke my leg from a “drag” Mom once again found a new place for my pet.  After that I just had Guinea pigs…………lots and lots of them actually.

I started out with one pig named Cindy after my friend down the street, Cynthia Nuckles.  Her brother Randy was my best friend and we spent tons of time playing with Cindy the pig. guinea pigs Turns out Cindy was pregnant when Mom bought her for me and within two months we had seven little piggies…………..we let them be weaned from Cindy and gave away all but one that the vet swore was a girl…………….soon we discovered that Lily was really Larry………….and after another six babies were born Mom decided we had too many pigs. most guinea pigsNot even the vet would take them to find homes for them.  We had at one point 37 little Guinea Pigs squeaking in the basement where Mom had sent them…………eventually they all passed away from old age or we found homes for them but it was crazy for a while.

I wasn’t allowed any pets after that for some reason.  Until George and I got married, then it was just cats and dogs………….many, MANY cats and dogs over the years.  A few stick out in my mind as they did things that the breeds should never have done.  I had a dachsund that climbed trees and would jump onto the roof to bark at people driving down the street………………I had a cocker mix that just liked lounging around in trees….domino…….I had two cats that would come into the shower with me……………..but I haven’t had any truly exotic pets…………

I want a platypus!  they are a strange and wonderful creature that would actually seem like a normal member of the family now. Never seen a platypus?  well……..first of all they are mammals………..BUT they lay eggs!……their bodies are sort of like otters……..they have paddles instead of feet and they have a beavers tail…………they also have a bill instead of a snout and look like a duck otter and beaver were all taken apart and put back together by some mad scientist.  platypus

The only problem is that they live in Oz and I don’t…and well since I am not a zoo I can’t even import one.  But I think it would be so cool to have one living in the back yard that I could go play with everyday. So the Dilemma is this….should I apply to the IRS for zoo status? or NOT?  George says not……….Angie says not…………….Kali says go for it…..George said if I get zoo status then he wants a polar bear………….so, is a platypus really WORTH a polar bear?  those suckers eat A LOT! and I don’t like feeding the pets we have now………..they are so picky! Dasher has to pick out his own lunch or he grumbles and pouts…………..what in heaven’s name would a polar bear do if I brought the wrong food that day?  polarbear

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  1. Dang that Larry anyway.


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