The office Christmas party…………

I have attended many office parties over the years of my working history…and there is always ONE person who goes a bit overboard.

Whether it is the “ugly Holiday sweater contest”,

the “I never eat/drink too much employee” that hogs the table eating everything in sight

or the guy/girl that tells “jokes”. 


There is always that ONE person…This year….it is my sweet hubby. George has never before participated in the eating too much, telling an off-color joke, wearing the silly sweater or costume…….until this year.

He created THIS masterpiece for his office party and proudly wandered off this morning to share it with his coworkers.

Yes, he “decorated” that old college sweatshirt all by himself.

I’m just glad his boss and coworkers adore him!

2 thoughts on “The office Christmas party…………

  1. OMG! It’s a “Christmas George”. Too much eggnog, maybe?


    1. He WON the ugly sweater contest! I have to tell ya, George NEVER participates in crazy office party stuff so this was an anomaly of huge proportions!


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