a calling

At first I thought of phones and just how incredibly annoying they are. Oh they are wonderful if you need to contact emergency services for a fire, flood or entrapment by bath tub, but the noise and interruption is just annoying beyond belief when I am doing whatever it is that has me busy.

Then I thought of a calling. The knowing that you were placed on this planet to accomplish something…usually spiritual in nature. 

Sometimes it takes years to figure out just what that calling is.

George knew immediately upon graduation from high school that he wanted to be a nurse….and he enjoyed his work for the most part.  Then he began working for Hospice and found his true calling.  He isn’t just happy with his work now, but is CONTENT.

What is your calling?  Have you found it yet?

2 thoughts on “a calling

  1. my calling, I don’t know!! never had one!!!


  2. Also loved hospice work, now a chaplain in a big busy hospital and not the same … I had a calling to do a long retreat, took me 26 years but I got there.

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