Christmas Shopping

I was in Wally World early this morning doing some regular shopping..ya know, groceries, medications, etc….and noticed an older gentleman slowly pushing a cart down the main aisle towards the dog food.  He looked so sad that I followed him for a bit just to make sure he was okay.

He arrived in front of the large bags of dog food, then moved over to the canned stuff. He’d pick up one can and read the labels carefully, then pick up another and do the same. I thought I’d help find whatever it was he was looking for and moved a bot closer.  I said “excuse me, did you need help finding a certain kind?”

He looked up and said “I’m trying to see which ones people can eat too. It’s cheaper than food”.

I set aside my cart…gently took his arm and said “none of these will work for you. Let’s go get the good stuff”

He pulled back a bit and said “why would you do that?”

I replied, “because by the grace of God, I can”.

We filled up his cart with canned good, a few cuts of meat, some cheese, eggs, milk.  he asked, “can I have some dog food too?”

I asked “for you? no. For a dog? sure”

He said, “there’s a little dog that hangs outside my trailer. He looks too skinny”, so back to the dog food aisle where I grabbed a 20 pound bag of dry food.  No way was I buying the canned stuff…the poor man might eat it himself.

I felt pretty good as we checked out and I helped him put the bags into his rattletrap of a car. He very carefully sorted everything into different bags before shutting the door.

He turned and hugged me before getting into his car….then said “thank you. We didn’t know how we were going to feed everyone this week”

After he drove away, I simply went back home. george asked “where are the groceries?”

I said, “well, it’s like this hun. it was either him or us, and I chose him instead”.  George just looked at me and said “you did the Christmas meal for a stranger again, didn’t you?  good for you!”

Yes, it WAS good for me. It focused my attention back where it belongs…not on self but on others and how I can make their lives better.  My Christmas shopping is done. Is yours?

5 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. That is so heartwarming. God loves you, Suze.


  2. Excellent. We need more people like you in the world! Thank you.


  3. How wonderful you noticed the man, and stopped to give a helping hand with the groceries you bought him.


    1. he broke my heart….there was no choice between helping or not. I think anyone would have done the same.


  4. Your beautiful action shows true heart. Thank you for making a difference in this world.


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