Wednesday Music: Franz Schubert

Fluent Historian started the Wednesday Music challenge…to share a piece of music that speaks to you each Wednesday.  Music plays such a huge part in my life this seemed the perfect challenge for me.  Classical music of the 1700’s and 1800’s is my favorite, with the hard rock of the 60’s being my second favorite.

I am focusing on the composers of the 1700’s and 1800’s first, and those whose pieces touched me during my childhood.

Franz Schubert was one of the most prolific of composers during the early 1800’s. Born in 1797 and died at the age of 32, yet had created over 600 secular pieces, 7 complete symphonies, several operas and many religious pieces.

The piece most people are aware of is his Ave Maria. Personally I love his work Wintereise which is a composition for two tenors and consists of 24 interconnecting songs….but since it is over an hour and a half in length I can’t put it in this post.

So I will leave you with a much shorter piece:

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