George’s Christmas………..

George has to wait until January for his Christmas present this year.  I bought him a shed….and not just any shed.  I ordered a custom built one with electrical outlets and lights already installed, and with insulation in the roof and walls. It has two windows, both on the eastern side for light and also for the window A/C unit I have hidden in the house. He knows what I bought, just not the details, and is quite happy to wait until January for its delivery.

It is miraculous that I managed to purchase it this year….we were on course for two years from now…but I have scrimped on things I wanted (and let’s face it, stuff George wanted) in order to do this so soon.

We are on a tiny fixed income, but George still works. He is salaried so his pay never changes regardless of how many hours he works…and I am on social security…yet, by NOT getting things we want, we will have our home paid for within a year and a shed delivered this year instead of in 2019.

I wish I had been able to teach my children the benefits of saying NO to those spending urges.  Neither one is capable it seems of saving a cent.  It took me a long time to learn it, and I know I have tried to let them know the benefits of saving; they just seemed to never pay any attention.

I am hoping they read this and see just what can be accomplished by saying “no” every now and again.

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