double knits feel like crap!

Instead of dealing with all the Christmas crap, this year I have focused upon doing my own thing instead…like quilting. Or making jams.
Yea, I’ve pretty much done both to the exclusion of almost everything else…well, except for blowing up Suziland again.

Suziland, or as it as known around WP “obsolete childhood” has been disconnected from the jetpack midget due to a screaming argument. Oh I wasn’t arguing with anyone…Jetpack and Suziland were arguing loud and long so I pulled the plug on jetpack.

OHHHHHHH, I made a pun! I wasn’t even trying either! So ten points go to Suze for the Jetpack and pulling the PLUG…plug-in, get it? yes, I did too go there! What did you honestly expect?

Anywho…I have finished another quilt top and am simply waiting for my backing to arrive so I can stitch it all together.
This one was made with a bunch of ancient double knits that I found at various yard sales and thrift stores. I know, I know…DOUBLE KNITS are gross! They feel like they are made from petroleum.

Well, okay…they really ARE made from some unknown petroleum product so I suppose they would feel that way.

I can’t imagine why in the 1960’s we thought they were so cool. Probably due to the various neon colors they were dyed. The colors were after all what caught my eye and made me decide to cut and stitch them together after all.

This may be the prettiest quilt top ever made. It is certainly vibrant….and the patterned pieces are so 60’s retro that they are back in style again. Once done, this sucker is going onto the bed…it will be beautiful….it will still feel like crap though.

3 thoughts on “double knits feel like crap!

  1. I should probably, as a WordPress blogger, I feel like I should know this. But what is “Jetpack”?

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    1. jetpack is a widget that allows people with their own domains to post to the wp site feeds. except it doesn’t work anymore on my domain, which i am giving up and posting on suziland too from now on. it’s too frustrating.

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      1. Ah, thanks for answering. Another reason to not get my own domain.

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