Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. It could end like this!

This post is dedicated to those who have not yet left us.

what our obits COULD look like if we don’t change our ways…and soon!


A lovely bloggery-buddy from Freezingland today left this physical veil for parts unknown. Her demise came about by a rather ridiculous series of events.  While sowing her wild oats, Miss Cyr gathered some sweet smelling berries and munched on them while falling over a small cliff.  Her horse, Mads, kicked her on the way down and neighed for her cow, Babs, to stomp upon her as she landed.  She will be fondly remembered by the rabbits.


Our beloved, elderly, semi-senile and totally crotchety old fart from the plains of Oklahoma rose to glory late yesterday afternoon.  She will be remembered for her adventures in shopping, her snarky letters to the editor of local and national newspapers, her constant harassment of elected officials and her adoration of making pickles. Suze leaves behind a dog that makes phone calls and types on the computer, a cat of very little taste who has decimated the local mouse population and her poor long-suffering hubby, George.  Her children have long since disowned her for writing exaggerated and embarrassing blog posts about them. Suze’s last request was that her ashes be sent in a plain white envelope with block letter addresses to all elected officials with whom she has disagreed.

Poor George:

Beloved hubby of Suze, and resident of Suziland by default has gone to that big train depot in the sky. Right to the end, at age 91, he would do things like pushing fist bumps at perfect strangers, playing boogie woogie and other foot- tapping piano right in front of innocent people, and racing to beat other oldsters to empty chairs (which is how he tripped and broke his hip, leading eventually to his well-earned demise). His children, while delighted   disturbed,  heartbroken, request assistance in clearing out the detritus stuff junk miniature trains and accessories from the house, shed, barn and trunk of the family vehicle.

Questing Larry:

Larry believed in education, whether it was educating people about addictions, politics or blogging etiquette, Larry was a teacher and friend first and foremost. Perhaps most important to Larry was educating people on the dangers of holding in your farts. Sadly, he was unable to attain his life-long goal of catching his friends ‘cutting the cheese’ or ‘playing the bum trumpet’—which he likened to a mythical rarity like spotting Bigfoot or a unicorn.

Larry will be missed by all who knew him.


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