Favorite books of 2017

Everyone it seems is making lists of their favorite this’s or that’s…I love books. I read as if there will be no tomorrow and my glasses are due to break at any second!

I adore books. They have the ability to take me away to foreign lands, different times and different lives.

So, here’s a sort list of my favorites for the past year. Not that they were all written in the past year (although some were) but those I have read (or read again) in the past year. They are in no special order except for when they popped up in my head!

1. The Girl with the Pearl Earring: Tracy Chevalier    “When Griet, the novel’s quietly perceptive heroine, is hired as a servant, turmoil follows. First, the 16-year-old narrator becomes increasingly intimate with her master. Then Vermeer employs her as his assistant–and ultimately has Griet sit for him as a model” Goodreads

2. Rot and Rot 2: Aidan J Reid  a fellow bloggers short stories about the tooth fairy..but like NO tooth fairy you ever imagined.  Hilarious, laugh-out-loud scatological humor.

3. The Little Book of Hygge: Meik Wikking  I have to admit, it was Cyranny’s adoration of all things Danish that had me searching for this book. It was a fascinating look at a different culture.

4. Round Ireland With A Fridge: Tony Hawks  “Have you ever made a drunken bet? Worse still, have you ever tried to win one? In attempting to hitchhike round Ireland with a fridge, Tony Hawks did both, and his foolhardiness led him to one of the best experiences of his life. ” Goodreads

5. Reading Lolita in Tehran: Azar Nafisi  An exploration of resilience in the face of tyranny and a celebration of the liberating power of literature

6. Flowers for Algernon: Daniel Keyes  I first read this book in a high school English class.  I read it about once every year or so now…and find something new every time I do. A story about a mentally disabled man who undergoes experimental surgery to make him “smart”. He compares his life with Algernon, a lab rat, in a personal diary.

7. Meditations: Marcos Aurelius  Yet another “read in High school” book that I revisit from time to time. It is a work of philosophy that is timeless.


Well, there you go..a few to make you laugh and others to make you think and/or feel.  What could be better?

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  1. Awwww I am so glad “the little book of hygge” made its place in your top 7!! Really cool to see that you enjoyed it!! xx

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