saying goodbye

Every year one of the national television stations creates a montage of pictures and sets it to music…about all the actors, directors, and assorted television and movie people who have died during the year.

And every year I am shocked by a few of the people that have passed on to their “rewards”.

Mary Tyler Moore died this year


I didn’t know that.  How could I miss that?  She was someone that I grew up watching on the television and admired her.  Heck, I wanted to BE her when I was a teen.

And Robert Hardy……dang,…okay so a lot of Americans won’t know Mr. Hardy unless they watched a lot of PBS but I knew his work from the time I was very small.  He was my favorite British vet…that is veterinarian not veteran…on All Creatures Great and Small…my favorite book as a child. He was King Lear, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. He was even in the Harry Potter films! I never saw them, but I know he was in them.  He shall be missed.

And I found out this morning that my first movie star crush where I thought I would DIE if I didn’t get to meet him and talk to him and marry him and give him children….can we just say obsessed?

Sam Shephard

THE RIGHT STUFF, Sam Shepard, 1983, ©Warner Bros./Courtesy: Everett Collection.


Boy, did he EVER have The Right Stuff!  I first saw him in a play…La Tourista in NYC..I am pretty sure it was 1967. It was about that most insidious tourist disease…well, condition…DIARRHEA……I laughed until I cried.  I actually got to meet the cast as my cousins whom I was residing at the time were both actors. We went backstage and Mr Shephard SHOOK MY HAND!  I was in Heaven after that…….to be so young again!

These were the ones that made the largest impression on me…and I will feel a little bit of sadness from now on whenever I see a movie they were in or an old television show.



4 thoughts on “saying goodbye

  1. We’ve lost so many greats…

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  2. We watched Mary ztyler Moore her whole career. It is sad. And SS was great as Yeager.

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  3. I love when we recognize those we have lost at the Oscars and Emmys every year. I feel a sharp pain in my heart and wonder how the world will continue without them. This was a lovely post.

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