Sleepy cats curled up next to a fireplace…………

Soft afghans made just for me……fuzzy socks and cashmere shawls….a cuppa tea or Chai while lounging on my bed.  All of these make the word COZY appear when I think of them.

It’s an old word, and not one that I have ever heard the teens next door use to describe something.

It’s a bit odd how certain words go in and out of the language….well, English in any case.  The words that I used as a teen are not part of my vocabulary as an aging adult.  I would no more say “groovy” now than I would wander down the street naked. “Cool and rock on” though are forever stuck in the phrases I use.

I love using words that make people stop and think about whatever it was I just said.

Words like:

logorrhea   that’s an excessive flow of words…my specialty!

 ebullition  a boiling over or excitation

maledicent  cursing

querken  to suffocate or to stifle

or my favorite oddball word: jackanape  an impudent child.

I am thinking in another year or two, COZY will be added to my list of un-used words.  I wonder what will take its place?


2 thoughts on “Sleepy cats curled up next to a fireplace…………

  1. I’ve heard of maledicent, but the rest of these words are new to me. How fun!!!!!!

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