A resolution for (hopefully) every new year…..

Yep..I am making a new year’s resolution. I am pretty sure that I haven’t made one (since I always break them within ten minutes of awakening on the 1st day of January) for at least ten years…but this year?  I need one.

I resolve:

To NOT break my blog again, by never again breaking the computer.

Yep, that’s it.

I know that my sweet followers…yes, and even the snarky ones, are right about now laughing their hind quarters off….but I MEAN it! I do!

Seriously, how many times can I actually find a different method by which the blog explodes?  There has to be a limit!

Okay, so I KNOW that soaking the keyboard in soapy water while throwing q-tips at it in a vain effort to get food particles out from under the keys is not a good way of cleaning it.

I KNOW that playing an online game while in the middle of a horrible electrical storm and failing to use surge protectors is a bad thing.

I KNOW when WP says “this plug in is not compatible with your theme” it means it just won’t work….and DON’T install it anyway just because it has a “cute’ name!

I KNOW that when I schedule a post for sometime last year the post disappears off into the ether, never to be found again.

I also KNOW that I HAVE to write down my new password when I change it so I can actually USE the WP editor and post something.

I know that plugging the computer monitor, the cpu, the printer, the television, the radio and a space heater into the same plug with a LOT of extension cords is a very bad idea unless I just HAVE to see those hunky fireman one more time.

I KNOW if my geekette says “Suze, NEVER touch that” I have to never touch it…whatever the it may be.

So…my only resolution is to not kill the computer which will kill my blog.

Hopefully this resolution will work out for me….fingers are crossed!



8 thoughts on “A resolution for (hopefully) every new year…..

  1. You can always go directly to the firehouse to see those great guys and women….no fire hazards required!😂

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    1. I am pretty sure they all hide when they see me coming! lol

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      1. I know what you mean😳😂

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  2. Resolution? Suze? *snort* Sure….. 😉

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    1. hush! I can do this! I can! sort of…..almost….maybe?

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      1. Of course you can Suze…. You’ll just change your mind because that’s the way you are, but you “could” hold any resolution if you wanted to! I’m sure about that 😉

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      2. well, it is day TWO of the new year and I didn’t break it yet! I think this resolution thing may actually work!

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      3. Mouahahaha you are on a roll! Good for you Suze!! May you continue on, who knows, you might actually make it through the whole year!! 😉

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