I don’t do extravagant

Extravagant………..yea, I don’t do extravagant.

I do cheap, free, used or lying-by-the-side-of-the-road-and-ready-for-me-to-reuse-somehow.

Extravagant is for people with more money than brains..more cash than class….more profligate ways than savings accounts.

Extravagant is for people without empathy…without conscience…..without morals.

People like Hugh Hefner or Leona Helmsley or the Koch brothers or Donald Trump.

I prefer my lifestyle of having enough.

When you have enough you don’t need to think about what all the neighbors own and how you can gain more.

When you have enough you spend the majority of your time feeling gratitude.

When you have enough the attitude you project to others is what you really feel…peaceful, hopeful, happy, contented.

yea. I just don’t do extravagant.



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