2 new flags!

Oh my gosh, I have two new flags on my WP map!  Yes, I do!

Nigeria and United Arab Emirates! Holy Cannoli, it took me over a year to get those on my last blog! Obviously blowing up the blog was an incredibly intelligent thing to do…not that I can take credit for it this time as it was a true computer glitch…except I AM TAKING ALL THE CREDIT ANYWAY!

Two gorgeous new flags have appeared….okay, maybe not totally gorgeous, but since I am a color aficionado I am gonna use the word adore anyway!


Aren’t they pretty? I love that they both use the same shade of green. well..and white. Except there’s only one shade of white. Oh I know there is off-white but off-white isn’t white…white is white.  I mean we never say light white or dark white…not even medium white..just plain ol vanilla…except vanilla is off-white.

I know I was writing about something that had a point, but it was lost somewhere.

If anyone can find the point, please do point it out to me.

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