a year of outrage and disgust

One of my children (who shall remain nameless so people don’t yell at him) asked me “why do you hate Trump?”…and I replied. “I don’t”.

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And I really do NOT hate the man. I feel disgusted by him and his disgusting words; I feel embarrassed by his continuous lies and epithets against anyone NOT  white, aged, Republican male; I feel annoyed by his determination to destroy ever single social and/or economic gain we have made over the past twenty years….but I do not hate him.

The same goes for our erstwhile Congressmen and Senators from the conservative political party. I do not hate them. Honestly I can not think of a single person on the planet that I spend that much negative emotion on. I do though dislike their self-serving attitudes and their inability to give a damn about anyone other than themselves and/or their donors.

My son (forgive the boy, please) stated that trump was doing okay and if it weren’t for the “fake news” at which point I shut him down completely with a “Son, stop being an idiot. Pull your head out of your ass and learn something”.

Then I listed just a few of the last year’s events and statements for my (idiot) child……

The BIGGEST lies from Trump (IMO) from 2017:

  1. He had the “biggest” inauguration crowd ever!
  2. Hillary won the popular vote due to voter fraud.
  3. Michael Flynn did “nothing wrong”.
  4. “Look what happened in Sweden!”  (um, not a damned thing happened in Sweden actually)
  5. Obama “bugged” Trump Tower.
  6. The Russia Investigation is about a “made up story”, and even if someone did collaborate it “wasn’t illegal”
  7. Counter-protesters in Charlottesville didn’t have a permit.
  8. America pays the most in taxes.  (no, we don’t)
  9.  “Tax reform will cost me a fortune”.  (I am hoping someone will explain exactly how a tax break is going to cost HIM anything at all.)
  10. “I’m not making any money on my properties while president. I am losing money.”  (Mar el Lago…trump towers…etc)
  11. President Obama spent more time golfing than working.
  12. “I never said that Muslims would be subject to profiling” on the immigration ban.

Although there are quite literally thousands more lies that our President has told, these annoyed me the most.  They showed his fascination with himself, his propensity to believe conspiracy theorists and his xenophobias.  The man needs to be removed from office before his irrational fears  and actions destroy the country.


3 thoughts on “a year of outrage and disgust

  1. I DO hate him and nearly all of the Republicans in Congress. I HATE THEM!

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    1. I find that when I allow the emotion of “hate’ into my soul, I am the one who suffers. probably because I do not own a machine gun. If I did, lordie only knows where my feelings would shove me.

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      1. I disliked George W. Bush. And Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. But the dislike I feel for Trump is an order of magnitude greater, so I can only describe it as hate.

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