Almost a post

Yep…the daily prompter did it again.  I have a feeling Ben sits around at his kitchen table, probably eating a bagel (wish he would share) checking out the various posts on WP and thinking “how can I annoy Suze today?”.

I wish I had a bagel.  I can forget Ben ever sending me one…he’s too busy trying to find daily prompt words that annoy me.

The BEST bagel I ever had was in Jerusalem.  There were bagel vendors all over the city and they constantly had dozens of people around buying their product.  Here’s the bagel guy I liked because he always offered me some honey for mine.

Please take notice of the size and shape of an Israeli bagel.  These bagels are honestly the size of five of the ones I can get at the local grocery.  This was a meal for the entire day.  None of the small round ones for these people….at first I thought they were just really weird pretzels…but no salt. and no mustard to dip them in….so I asked.

And he said they were “Hudson”….at least that is what it sounded like…when I asked at the hotel Ahmed said “oh that’s a bagel”…so there ya have it.

It is the size of an antique car minus the stinging insect! (Hudson Hornet for those that have no knowledge of old cars that sold seven before going bankrupt)

The bagel that I would never in a million years put into my mouth is a rainbow bagel.

Knowing me, since it matches all the colors of my home I would make a candle holder out of it and stick it on the coffee table.

So, there ya go Ben…an almost post!

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    1. I know. I am a bit strange! 😀

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