Finally! Thanks Ben!

Ahhhhh! FINALLY a word I can sink my teeth into..a word to make anyone blather for hours…a word that finally meets all the criteria for a “good” post! Thanks Ben for finally giving us a really and truly interesting word of the day.  Blogs shall blow up all over the WP universe with a word finally given to us! Yea!

I started thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish over the past year and have finally completed them all!

The mortgage has finally been paid down to where we have exactly seven months to go and the house will be paid-off…mortgage free!

The electrical upgrades, plumbing upgrades and storage upgrades have all finally been completed as well.

The storage building for Poor George is finally ordered and will be on its way to our backyard before the end of the week! I will finally have the front room all to myself so i can finally get some sewing and quilting completed.

And finally…I think I have written the word finally enough that Ben will think up a better word of the day for tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Finally! Thanks Ben!

  1. Lol, I think I finally realized this was of the sarcastic nature by the end! Thanks for the smile!

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    1. yea, sorry about that! lol Ben has been annoying me lately with the daily words. he had so many wonderful prompts throughout the year, them WHAMMO! dumb ones. And my snarky sarcastic side emerged and i can’t seem to make it stop! Thanks for the comment…have a great and safe new year’s eve!

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  2. ahahah..laughing..finally
    Happy New Year 😆

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