Friendly fill-ins, December 31, 2017.

Friendly Fill-ins…a weekly post hosted by McGuffy’s Reader and 15 and meowing

I have seen this weekly event a bazillion times in the feed of my followed co-bloggers and always thought it was interesting. Today is the day! My first entry into the weekly event!

The fill-ins:

1. On New Year’s Eve, I __________________.

2. One goal I have for 2018 is ________________________.
3. In 2017, I accomplished                    .

4. I                 in 2017.

My Answers:

  1. Stay at home  and read a book, or sew before going to bed.  I refuse to stay up late and destroy my ability to actually fall asleep due to insomnia for the next month.  It is a holiday created to over-indulge and make an ass of oneself which I refuse to celebrate.
  2. finish paying off the house and have a mortgage burning barbeque in the backyard.
  3. almost every goal I had for the year. The plumbing and electrical have been upgraded; the mortgage paid down so the balance is less than 5K; George’s storage shed ordered and due to arrive any day now so that my crafts room can be finished.
  4. Here’s where my head explodes.  I haven’t a clue how to complete this sentence.  I blank in 2017….what Suze? I farted? well, I am sure I did a time or two. I ate something bad for me…like cake or pizza? Well yes, I did. I lost three fillings? I made up horrid limericks? I blogged about nothing? All of those I have done. So I guess i have to complete it this way…. “I LIVED in 2017”.

5 thoughts on “Friendly fill-ins, December 31, 2017.

  1. Thank you for joining in the fill-ins, I hope you will continue to every week. The link is open from Friday until the following Wednesday. Great answers! I am glad you were able to accomplish so much, especially getting the mortgage down. Have a happy and healthy 2018!

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    1. the mortgage was hard..then I discovered by paying every two weeks instead of once a month i made 13 payments a year..that 13th went straight to principal. we were “supposed” to pay until 2020!


  2. 1. plan to stay home with my wife, snacking cheese, sausage, and bread and/or crackers, watch a movie on TV, and go to bed well before midnight.
    2. Redoing our laundry room.
    3. Starting my blog.
    4. Survived my first year as a retiree.

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    1. you can come help me redo my laundry room…it sucks. sigh

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  3. Oh, my…you are a character. Yep…my kind of person.
    The new year started off with a bang. So, I am catching up, now. Best wishes for a good year! Hugs!

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