daily prompters et al…………..

I can see that my whinging on at Ben about the daily prompts has had an effect…not necessarily the one I wanted though. I didn’t mean to scare him off, just wanted to bring better words into the promptiness of the dailies…..

I had some reservations before about whinging so much, but figured Ben is a good egg…a nice guy….a non-whingy dude…….he could take it. After all, I only whinged a time or ten at him. Must have been the last whinger though that got to him…the one with the kickback..callback?  PINGBACK! to his blog that got him. He obviously begged plead whined until  asked Krista to take over for a bit.

I have YET to receive any sort of response from the pingbacks I send to poor Ben…it seems he might not actually READ the entires into the daily prompts and therefore has absolutely NO IDEA that Suze has been whinging all over him for the past year…or three.

I am worried  wondering if someone will actually warn him  tell him that Suze has been doing so?

Probably not.  After all no one really reads the drivel I write……….or do they?


2 thoughts on “daily prompters et al…………..

  1. Poor Ben. Oh well. Now you can start whinging on Krista. By the way, I never heard of the word “whinge” before. Apparently it’s British and Australian and it means “to complain; whine.”

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    1. yeppers. I tend to pick up words from the people I work or play with…was playing a game online with a bunch of aussies for over two years..I can almost speak OZ now. lol

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