OK, so why are none of the men reading this? it is about FOOTBALL! “Are you ready for some football?”

HEY you MEN out there! pay attention! FOOTBALL! okay, so I am being politically incorrect but someone needs to read this! dang it!

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I’m not.  I don’t actually like to watch organized sports…I would so much rather play a sport. Sports, to me anyway, are far less interesting than watching paint dry. My husband, on the other hand, adores watching sports on the boob tube.  His favorite is football, and “his team” is the Washington Redskins.

When we first married I hadn’t a clue about football. Didn’t know the rules, didn’t know any teams…had no idea about any of the game except guys made too much money chasing a football around and kicking it at an end of the field for some reason. I went to my high school football games, but I never actually watched a game. It was simply a time to giggle with my friends and check out the cute boys in the band…and maybe buy a hamburger or fries.

So, when I got married to George, I didn’t have a…

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