well I did it

Managed despite the freezingland air that I’d get a picture of the biggest moon I have ever seen!

Called a super-moon because it appears to be bigger than it should be due to its closeness to the earth and being a full moon, this sucker is huge!

I am hoping that after taking this pic I will manage to thaw out sometime before July of next year…………..it was COLD outside!

And here’s hoping that someone (anyone) will tell me the picture was worth it.


super moon

7 thoughts on “well I did it

  1. WOW… it is really huge! (this is how I feel after eating so much this holiday season)

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    1. oh me too…i think i ingested the equivalent of 14 meals per day for a week!

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  2. Your moon looks like a delicious Mandarin orange. Are you sure you didn’t toss one into the air and snap a picture of it in mid-flight? I think you did! 🤔

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    1. actually I “forgot” to take off a lens filter….

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  3. Very good photo! When I try to get a photo of the moon, it just looks like a little white blob. 🙂

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