I love books…I really do

I adore books. It took me until third grade before I learned how to read, and I haven’t stopped trying to make up those first two non-reading years yet. I have a library of over 3000 books right now and that’s after giving 80% away before we moved to Enid. I love the smell of them, the feel of them….I love turning the pages. I even love bookmarks.

But I have found myself using an e-reader instead for the last year.

I WON a kindle last year from a contest on a blog (Thanks Aidan J Reid!) and started downloading books the minute I figured out how to work the thing.

I love the feel of a “real” book in my hands, but the hands are becoming more arthritic every day and a kindle is so much easier to hold.  It also comes with its very own light so reading under the covers is possible without having a flashlight…so much easier when Poor George wants to sleep at 2 am and I haven’t finished the book yet.

I must have 500 books floating around in my “cloud” somewhere and I have 147 books downloaded to the kindle.

I had signed up for the online library to borrow books, but for some reason I like owning them far more than borrowing them.  So, I signed up for these crazy book-lists through email that encourage people to read this book or that.

I only download free books (well, except for a couple from bloggers I “know”…those I bought) and usually the lists will have books from every genre.

Lately though, since I downloaded ONE “romance” book, it seems the lists have nothing BUT “romance”.

Now, I don’t mind an occasional book without any appreciable qualities in it, but daily fluff is getting annoying. I mean, the LAST romance book I read was by a totally different author over 30 years ago and yet I swear it was the same story with the names of the characters changed.  So why suddenly have all my lists dropped the science fiction, the fantasies, the biographies and histories, the self help and craft books…not a single one to be found on the last four lists!

I really do not want to daily read “her heaving globes thrust themselves forward” (euuuuuuuuuuuuu) or “his sword of lust surged”  (grosssssssssssss) or “As she lunged for safety, he grabbed her and threw her onto the fur-covered bed, there to partake of her glory” (oh give me a freaking BREAK!).

Romance to me is NOT all this heaving and thrusting and leaping and lunging…it is not so blatant or so close to the semi-rape scenes romance writers all seem to write. That is porn.  I can tell ya this, not a single woman on this planet ever thought her rapist was a sex fantasy come to life.

So, now I find myself trying to search out free books elsewhere and have canceled all those lists.

4 thoughts on “I love books…I really do

  1. Exactly right on about books! I have so many ‘real’ ones, and my Kindle is running over with them, too. Had to LOL at your description… heaving, thrusting, leaping, lunging… 🙂 Yeah, I read one romance novel way back when, then tried another…same story different names & setting. Blah. Have you tried the Fussy Librarian? I get notices for all kinds of books, most free, and in all types of subjects. Just type in fussy librarian and have a look around.

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    1. Fussy librarian huh? not yet, but I will now!

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  2. These days I read all my books on the Kindle app on my iPhone. By the way, what book was it that had all that heaving, thrusting, leaping, and lunging? I want to download it!

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    1. no, you really don’t. here’s a hint..the author’s name is catherine anderson. I thought it might be the catherine I went to school with……but SHE would never write this stuff!

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