7 thoughts on “Ahem…Cyranny? Guess who I got?

  1. OMG Suze, I am so glad for you! I’d be jealous, but that’s a feeling I hate… My time will come, I’m pretty sure about that, and if it doesn’t…. Well at least you got Greenland!!! This is amazing!! Woooooooot woot to you!! xx

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    1. my grand daughter is going to be thrilled. I posted at 12 midnight. we had visitors from 22 countries before 6 am…………she had an assingment from her political sciences class to see how far a post could go in a certain amount of hours. I bet mine went farther than anyone elses did……lol

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      1. That is so cool! Students should get more assigments like this one! And ask me to participate too 😛

        And you won!!! How cool is that!!!??!? Woot woot!! xx

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  2. ok…so what you do is this. find a national park in greenland. write an email with a link to your blog and tell them someone there MUST come visit….and they DO! LOL


  3. Cruel, just……cruel.

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