anyone have a spare epi-pen?

I am allergic to so many things it is a wonder I can still function.  Shell-fish (and of course my favorite food is either lobster or shrimp), strawberries, milk, almost every kind of plant on the planet that puts forth pollen…..and drugs.  penicillin, cephalosporin, sulfa, aspirin, ampicillin, almsot every painkiller or antibacterial medication on the market (I figure it also has everything on the black market as well).

It annoys the crap out of my cardiologist to see me, especially if I am ill as that means someone will be researching for hours some substance I can take to kill the wee beastie yet maintain life in me!

I am deathly allergic to bee stings, and am supposed to carry an epi-pen around with me.  But the script is over 600 bucks for the danged pen so I figure if a bee gets me it is my time to go.  I try to avoid bees at all costs now.


3 thoughts on “anyone have a spare epi-pen?

  1. Wow. Where I live, if you don’t have your own drug plan, the government pays 100% of the cost of an epipen. I’ve never had to go without mine (shellfish). That must be so scary.

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    1. it is..I’ve been hospitalized after a scorpion stung me…I am just holding my breath until I can apply for medicare at 65. until perfumes or nice smelling shampoos for me.

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