friendly fill-ins from McGuffy’s Readers, January 5, 2018

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My guiding word for 2018 is                          .

A house is not a home without                        .

I look forward to                       this year. 

I really need to                 , because                     .

allrighty then…….I have no clue what a guiding word is supposed to be…….so……….I’m just gonna throw one out there and then l;ater on (much much later) try to live up to it????  And the word is……………...GOOBER-DOOFUS!

A house is not a home without a …………..roof.  yea, you need a roof.  well you could also use a door I suppose and maybe a wall or two………and a bathroom. That is important.

I look forward to moving all George’s modelling crap into a brand new backyard shed this year! yes, I do…should be next week the shed arrives.  Then we have to connect the electric..and some interior walls to cover up the wall insulation but THEN his crap will leave my home permanently!

I really need to get some sleep, because this blog post is just too wierd for words.  Goodnight everyone!

2 thoughts on “friendly fill-ins from McGuffy’s Readers, January 5, 2018

  1. haha! love your guiding word. 🙂

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  2. A hello from Greenland! 🙂

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