It’s my fault………..***UPDATE***

I must confess that (almost) every single time the blog blows up, it is my fault. Imagine my utter astonishment that this last time it was the computer’s fault!

For those that have been on vacation (or actually HAVE a life outside of WordPress) my original blogsite at Obsolete Childhood had a huge problem…it was no longer able to post to the feed here.  Well, that was unacceptable to me. I love my stuff posting to WP, and figured there had to be a way to fix it.  It turns out there wasn’t…so I had all my bazillion posts about nothing transferred to my secondary site, “Suziland Too”.

I learned (the hard way) how to export and then import all of my junk on the blog.  Unfortunately, I lost Suziland entirely before I was able to make a list of all my followers and their emails and WP monikers. So….I “lost” about 297 followers in a matter of minutes.

It’s back to finding them all over again the hard way.

Typical Suze behavior though if you think about it.  After all, if there is an easy way and a hard way, I usually (always) pick the hard way to accomplish something.

The only thing I really regret is that my world map was almost full….and now it has…………3 countries on it.

I take comfort in thinking that the countries list will rise again to a point that rivals (exceeds) Cyranny‘s map!

***UPDATE**** 36 of my original followers have once again found me…and 3 new ones have appeared! So happy to see people from new places, and I promise I will come and annoy,  irritate, comment on your posts!

Now, there are still approximately 214 followers that have lost the trail and are wandering around the interweb vainly searching for my words of wisdom  erudite statements Blather…so if you sweet people see them, gently shove them trip them push them show them the way back home again.


Not only have I had a visitor from Greenland, but I found a couple of my followers wandering down a frozen beach and brought them back into the warmth of my posts…yea, not really. two found me all by themselves. I would appreciate though a reblog of this nonsense from a few of my longtime bloggery buddies..we used to share so many followers and maybe mine (if they still love me) will see me over on your sites and come home. Or not. it could be they were just waiting for a reason to leave without hurting my feelings. ya never know.

39 thoughts on “It’s my fault………..***UPDATE***

  1. It took me three years to really find my way around my laptop. I am still learning, and I am really pleased with myself for how far I have come with it. A definite asset.

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    1. you are doing far better than I! I have a laptop…have had it for seven years now. I can now (Get ready for the trumpets blaring!!!) TURN IT ON! I am rather proud of myself!


  2. Mouahahahahahaha I love your optimism, Suze 🙂 For some reason, I had the image of you dropping your phone in the toilet and all the cursing that comes with it! And then, I wondered how people managed to drop cell phones in toilets… I might be odd (did I write “might”??) but I don’t take my phone to the bathroom, and if I did, I don’t see why I’d hold it above the toilet… Anyway! I’ll try to give you a little help finding your readers back!! Muaaah!

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    1. oh THANK you! I NEVER take my phone into the toilet! For one thing, I am not quite sure where the phone is…and I really don’t want to have to answer it while I am occupied….rofl

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      1. Mouahahahahaha same thing here… And after seeing how the toilet seems to be the Bermuda Triangle of cell phones, I prefer to keep mine away from the only “pool” of water in the house. 😛

        I just reblogged your post, hoping it’ll bring back some of your readers… And hopefully get you one or two new ones! xx

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      2. thank you sweetheart! Here’s hoping my former readers still want to read my blather! new ones just won’t know what they are in for! lol

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      3. LOL Maybe I should have put a warning? 😛

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      4. probably! George said “she did WARN people about you, didn’t she?” LOL

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      5. Mouahahahahahaah a little surprise never hurt anybody 😛

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  3. I got your email and signed up again. Can’t get right I’d of me that easily😂

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    1. lol….lord knows I tried though! I can not believe I did it again! And it was fatal……..I shall be known from now on as the Blog killer! lol


  4. On another note … Hey!! Thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your
    visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ __/l\_

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    1. i saw your post on FB thanks to Larry…then I went searching all over WP for ya..took a while as I am not the most computer literate person around. Love your posts I have read. will visit often now!

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      1. Thanks so very much!! ❤ …. could I ask you to link Larry's FB here? I can't find him!
        Have a great day …. hugs!!

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      2. let me try..hang on a second please….just hum the song from jeopardy……….

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      3. Na na na na …. na na na!! Doop, dooroo, doop!!

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      4. ♪♫♪♫ … I reply: ROFLPMRAO … google that one!! LOL …


      5. Polymyalgia Rheumatical Ass? heck if I know!

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      6. Naw … did you google it?
        Well, I guess I’ll have to tell you … Rolling on floor, laughing my Puerto Rican ass off! Pardon my French ….

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      7. OHHHHHHHHHHH, yea, actually i tried and came up with nothing under the search. so I figured,…baffle her with BS and my ridiculous medical knowledge. lol

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      8. If I google it, that first thing that comes up is a link to my blog posts!! LOL …

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      9. well, maybe since I am now following you my search will find it! fingers x’d…………

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      10. here’s hoping that worked……lol

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      11. Go it!! Thanks so much … sent request. Now I sit and wait … all thanks to you!! ❤ ….

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      12. so glad it worked for you! I adore Larry and follow him around wherever he wanders. I am pretty sure I can be annoying but he is a gentleman about it.

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      13. My sentiments exactly. You got me at Homossasa … LOL!!

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  5. Dear Madame Suze, just a little note to mention that we are having a party at The Cove… It is a bit quiet this morning, but I am confident the festivities will continue this afternoon and tonight… If you’d like to come and mingle, I’ll invite a couple of firemen just for you 😉

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    1. everyone is in a drunken stupor on your front lawn, dear…..just fyi

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      1. Happy to see you found most of your peeps again! See, I still visit from time to time! 🙂

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      2. Aww, love you too Suze Q!

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  6. Delighted to be a new follower. Thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comment you left. You sound like my kind of person and I am truly delighted to meet you. The humour in your writing is wonderful. Darren.

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    1. what a nice thing to say. thanks.


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